The Gallery through time

The Gallery through time

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The Gallery through time

Brigita Avsenik, the art leader, has always had a special place in her heart for painting. Martin, her son, inherited her love for arts and therefore founded the Avsenik Gallery, as soon as he finished the Academy of Fine Arts.

On its initiative, since 1989, the gallery has hosted more than 180 exhibitions from foreign and Slovenian artists, such as Maksim Gaspari (its opening exhibition), Nikolaj Mašukov, France Slana, Ferdo Mayer, Klementina Golja, Tomaž Perko, Marija Svetlič, Rudi Reichmann, Klavdij Tutta, Sohei Amano, Jan Hladky, Ivana Lomova, Ede Posa and many others.

The Avsenik Gallery has hosted three international art colonies. The greatest / attention-grabbing was the one, gathering the acclaimed artists from different countries, which purpose was to create Avsenik themed art. In the middle of the idyllic landscape that used to be an inspiration also for the Avsenik brothers, the painters created “Images of Avsenik’s music.”

The gallery was active in putting up exhibitions until the year 2008, when the exhibition area was replaced by the Avseniks Brothers Ensemble museum. Today the gallery remains active, but on a different location (Begunje 19), in a smaller showroom, opposite of the Avsenik restaurant. It is also home to the Avsenik music store.

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