Avsenik's wedding

~ in Avsenik's style and in the folk costumes ~

Celebrate the most beautiful day in your life in Avsenik style in traditional Slovene folk costumes and traditional Slovene folk customs from the 1950s. Gathering of the wedding guests in front of the restaurant. At first the bride is picked up (directly at home or the custom of that ceremony is shown in the restaurant). The groom picks up the bride in a carriage.

„Šranga »is shown by a folk and dance group. The civil ceremony takes place at the Avsenik Museum If the couple wishes, they can also have a ceremony in the church (church in Begunje, St. Peter or Brezje) The wedding reception and party takes place in the hall „under the Avsenik umbrella »with traditional Slovene costumes and with the music of an ensemble. The Avsenik wedding is a very special event because two different worlds join together: music and love become one. The Avsenik wedding is very special, but also traditional! The Avsenik wedding is also perfect for celebrating silver and golden wedding anniversaries.

Guesthouse Avsenik

Begunje 21
4274 Begunje na Gorenjskem
  • Ljubljana 50 km
  • Kranjska Gora 40 km
  • Bled 7 km
  • Klagenfurt(A) 54 km
  • Koper 150 km
  • Ljubljana Airport 30 km