Notebook for harmonica beginners - Igral sem na orglice (Auf meiner Harmonika)

Playing harmonica can now be really easy… With the help of two authors, Marjan Urbanija and Urška Urbanija Žun Avsenik house just published a brand new musical notebook for harmonica beginners, consisting of eleven Avsenik melodies.


Marjan Urbanija is a name, already known in Slovenia, known as a  sucessful harmonica player and the leader of his ensemble Kosci. He is also the tutor of harmonica workshops.


Due to the fact, that Avsenik music originally isn't  written just in one tonality (also due to the changing of vocal and instrumental parts), the adaptation for beginners wasn't easy. The adaptation to the C-major was a difficult project, finished with aspiration, boldness and effort.


Notebook »Igral sem na orglice« contains following melodies:

  • Igral sem na orglice (Auf meiner Harmonika),
  • Tam, kjer murke cveto (Dort, wo das Edelweiss blüht),
  • Večer na Robleku (Hoch auf den Bergeshöh'n),
  • Kadar bom vandral (Wandern, oh wandern),
  • Gozdovi v mesečini (Dunkle Wälder),
  • Otoček sredi jezera (Beim Stelldichein in Oberkrain),
  • Prelepa Gorenjska (Das schöne Land Krain / Ich lieb' meine Heimat),
  • Planica, Planica (Ski-Flug: Planica),
  • V spomin, ljubica (Katharin),
  • Pod cvetočimi kostanji (Unter blühenden Kastanien),
  • Mladi smo (Küss mich doch).

We dedicate this musical notebook to our exceptional  member of the Brothers Avsenik Ensemble, the guitarrist and harmonica player Leo Ponikvar, whose playing is going to stay in our hearts forever. Without him harmonica would probably never play such an important part in the Avsenik Ensemble, and nevertheless also today.


By this occasion we are thanking to Marjan Urbanija, whose work demonstrates us again what an excellent harmonica player and mentor he is.


Galerija Avsenik - Hohner, Publishing house Avsenik,
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