CD of Denis Novato - When playing Avsenik ...

With his fast fingers he concquered the Publishing House Avsenik and  together we now represent a new CD, titled »When playing Avsenik«. CD contains 11 Avsenik songs, instrumental and vocal. 

In this project took part also some of his friends: Alen Ojcinger, Mike Orešar, Damir Tkavc, Aleksandra Križan and Matjaž Mrak.

Denis Novato is a great accordion virtuoso, whose playing already left a mark on million of people all around the world. This year he organised the world championship in playing the diatonic accordion, which took place in Slovenia for the first time.  Besides of playing oberkrainer melodies and also another musical styles, he is also working on his author projects. And it's not just about composing new songs, but it's also about having his own creme collection. Accordionists must take care of their hands, he says. Half-joking, half-serious. 

This CD he dedicates to his father, who has always been a great support on his path of life.

Galerija Avsenik - Hohner, Publishing house Avsenik, 

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