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Recently renovated The Avsenik Museum gives a unique view into the works of Vilko and Slavko Avsenik. Exclusively set on three levels. The first exhibition portfolio is dedicated to Vilko and Slavko Avsenik’s childhood, followed by a wonderfully represented walk down memory lane with the stories of the individual family members and a special place that is reserved to Golica – the Echoes of trumpet song. This first class exhibition is dynamically rounded with music and video multimedia, including touch screen interaction.

We have Avsenik albums on display, photographs from the backstage and also never before published photographs of the Avsenik family.

An important place in the museum is occupied by gorgeous 31 carat gold, two platinum and one diamond plate. Included are national and international state awards.

You can see musical instruments owned by the members of the ensemble: two Slavko Avsenik‘s accordions, two trumpets of Franz Košir, Vilko Ovsenik and Albin Rudan clarinets and Leo Ponikvar's harmonica.

Truly interesting to see is the long list of author compositions by Vilko and Slavko Avsenik. On the upper floor there is a memorial room dedicated to the Avsenik family timeline. On display it is also well preserved antique furniture belonging to the family.

In the museum hall, you'll be invited to watch an informative documentary about the development of the Avsenik music phenomenon in different language versions - Slovenian, German and English - with prior arrangement.


  Children* (5 - 12 years) Adults Groups*
Entry for the museum 3,00 € 4,00 € 3,50 €
Entry for the museum and film 3,50 € 4,90 € 4,00 €
Entry for the museum, film and guided tour* 3,50 € (School groups)   5,00 €
Entry for the museum, film and guided tour* records playing on antique Gramophone     6,50 €

* Guided tour only by prior arrangement. Valid for a group over 20 persons.

Additional information: free entrance for children under the age of 5.

The pricelist is valid from February 1st 2018. All prices include VAT.


In the shop we have the wide selection of CDs with Avsenik music, books that represent the successes of the Avsenik ensemble, Avsenik musical compositions - mostly for the piano accordion, as well as the diatonic accordion, guitar and harmonica. As a memory or as a gift you may buy a practical and beautiful souvenir such as a magnet, a postcard, a shirt... something that will remind you or your friends for visiting Begunje.

Avsenik brothers ensemble

The Avsenik generations

The beginnings of the Avsenik music go back to 1953 when the trio was formed by Slavko Avsenik, which became the »Gorenjski kvartet« in 1955 and soon after that the Ensemble of the brothers Avsenik. Slavko and Vilko invented a whole new basis for folk music which had not existed before that!

A major turning point in the development of the ensemble was when Fred Rauch, editor at the Bavarian Radio, got demo recordings of the ensemble from the producer of a radio show about Slovenian music »Slovenska ura« Helmut Hartman from Klagenfurt in Austria. They nick-named the ensemble »Oberkrainer«. The recordings were played during show »Po željah« and had great success which was followed by invitations by foreign managers and signing of a 10-year contract for recording records for the record label Telefunken.

Brothers Vilko (Begunje na Gorenjskem, 9 November1928) and Slavko Avsenik (Begunje na Gorenjskem, 26 November 1929) are rare brilliant musicians who do not need any introduction or compliments. Their creations and music has touched millions of people all over the world and Slovenian spirit and Slovenian language are maintained also in this way. Undoubtedly, music is the most propulsive expression of the Slovenes in foreign countries because of its simplicity and freshness, and people have taken the music for their own. A lot of their hits have become folk tunes.

The Avseniks with their happy polkas and tender waltzes caught just the right moment in history, when people needed exactly that kind of optimism and fun after the horrifying World War.

In all these years of their career the Avseniks received all together 31 golden records, 2 platinum records and one diamond records. At the publishing of the big double record Zlati zvoki they received the crystal Oscar for the originality of their music from 72 members of the European committee.

They have been ambassadors of Slovenia all over the world for 40 years because their recognizable music sound has made Slovenia famous as a country. Many of their performances in Slovenia were charity events. The Avsenik music was so successful because of the brilliant compositions by Slavko and the arrangements by Vilko. Of course, the great instrumentalist and other members of the band and singers are not to be forgotten and neither should the superb lyric writers from Slovenia and abroad.

The surprising success at home and abroad also confirmed the new music genre which is copied today in many areas of Europe and wider by ensembles with the same band members and often in the same folk costumes.

To sum up, the success of the ensemble of brothers Avsenik is really unique and a musical and social phenomenon. The ensemble has worked together for almost 40 year without interruptions, the brothers have written more than 1000 author songs and most of them are recorded officially on approximately 200 records (including all the vinyl records, albums and small vinyl records) in Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland. Their accomplishments and achievements were already recognized in 1987, when they were registered in the Guinness book of records as the most creative and productive ensemble in the history of folk music.

Author of the article: Aleksi Jercog (Author of the book S POLKO V SVET – GLASBENE POTI BRATOV AVSENIK)

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