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 Museum Avsenik

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Museum Avsenik

Recently renovated The Avsenik Museum gives a unique view into the works of Vilko and Slavko Avsenik.
Exclusively set on three levels. The first exhibition portfolio is dedicated to Vilko and Slavko Avsenik’s childhood, followed by a wonderfully represented walk down memory lane with the stories of the individual family members and a special place that is reserved to Golica – the Echoes of trumpet song.
This first class exhibition is dynamically rounded with music and video multimedia, including touch screen interaction.
We have Avsenik albums on display, photographs from the backstage and also never before published photographs of the Avsenik family.
An important place in the museum is occupied by gorgeous 31 carat gold, two platinum and one diamond plate. Included are national and international state awards.
You can see musical instruments owned by the members of the ensemble:
two Slavko Avsenik‘s accordions, two trumpets of Franz Košir, Vilko Ovsenik and Albin Rudan clarinets and Leo Ponikvar's harmonica.
Truly interesting to see is the long list of author compositions by Vilko and Slavko Avsenik.
On the upper floor there is a memorial room dedicated to the Avsenik family timeline. On display it is also well preserved antique furniture belonging to the family.
In the museum hall, you'll be invited to watch an informative documentary about the development of the Avsenik music phenomenon in different language versions - Slovenian, German and English - with prior arrangement.