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Festival Avsenik 2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Festival Avsenik 2015
The Avsenik Festival 2015, which ended on Sunday evening in Begunje na Gorenjskem, despite the recent death of a giant folk music Slavko Avsenik, was in a joyful spirit. This has always been the main message of the music Slavko Avsenik and one of the reasons that his compositions still attract many fans from Slovenia and abroad.
The village with about 1000 inhabitants hosted in the three concert days a total of about 6000 Avsenik music lovers from Slovenia and abroad.
The purpose of the Avsenik family was, to give the festival a touch of joy to life, also in a period of grief to give. "Slavko Avsenik was a happy man. He always claimed that sad songs can be written by anyone on the other hand happy songs can’t. This is his music and if the festival would not be filled with joy, this would deny his legacy," said his son Gregor Avsenik.
The Avsenik legacy of joy and good will for life attracts many people. When the Avsenik-music starts to play, everyone is still and starts to listen and the musicians get a lot of applause.
A Slovenian folk-music group which performed for the second time said that no one of those ensembles from Slovenia or abroad can be compared with the original Avsenik musicians. The festival featured over 300 musicians representing Avsenik melodies as close as possible to the original or they added different musical expressions of their own.
"We try to make it sound as close as possible to the original sound. But we ask ourselves still today, how they could perform on such high level, that even today the musicians can’t reach?” notes the main organizer of the festival Gregor Avsenik.
The instrumental melody “Na Golici”, which celebrates its 60th anniversary, had over the years over 600 transformations and is the world record holder in musical arrangements. The Avsenik music shows that a song can be played in a really wide variety of styles: classic, country, Dixie or techno style.
Only the song “na Golici” was heard more than once at the festival, because the Avsenik Brothers wrote over 1100 songs and so it was impossible that anyone would be repeated. “Many songs were lost over the years in the recording-studio in Klagenfurt or Hamburg and so they were heard at the festival for the first time”, says the grandson from Slavko Sašo Avsenik.
The festival is the proof, that music doesn’t know any boundaries.
The festival hosted musicians from nine countries, mostly from German speaking countries like Austria, Germany, Südtirol, parts of France and the Netherlands.