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 The original Avsenik Oberkrainer Guitar Textbook

The original Avsenik Oberkrainer Guitar Textbook by Gerhard Kraus. Das Gitarrenspiel des Leo Ponikvar (german version).

The ultimate textbook about the Oberkrainer Guitar Playing published by Avsenik Verlag. Worth knowing, extensive explanations exclusively about the guitar playing of the legendary original Oberkrainer guitarist Leo Ponikvar on 180 pages i.e. in 6 chapters: 

  • “Leo’s” chords in theory and practice
  • Rhythm
  • Solo guitar: different Oberkrainer guitar solos of Leo Ponikvar
  • Original Oberkrainer tunes
  • Leo’s live licks
  • Equipment
  • Also many helpful exercises and additional tips for Leo’s guitar playing

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