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The Avsenik publishing is presenting the new dvd of Festival Avsenik 2015 – Avsenik day

The Avsenik publishing has a new video offer that is a must-have!
Just for you we have carefully prepared, in cooperation with Gregor Avsenik, music editors and producers, recordings of the sixtieth anniversary of Avsenik's best-known song "Na Golici", which was held under the title Festival Avsenik 2015 - Avsenik day.
We offer you a rich two hour program of the Avsenik music with the following interprets:
Sašo Avsenik ensemble, Gregor Avsenik, String quartet, Tilen Selič and Nejc Zupan, Monika Avsenik, Toti Big Band with Blaž Avsenik, Perpetuum Jazzile, Klemen Leben, Avsenik trio with Alfi Nipič, Jožica Kališnik and Jožica Svete, dance group Mojca Horvatand the Folklore group Iskraemeco. Not to forget the moderator of the evening Betka Šuhel. In the DVD photo gallery we have also collected interesting photos of the evening.

It is really nice to be a musician, but even better it is to be in their company, isn’t it?
Musical greetings,

Your Avsenik publishing,; 00386 (0)4 5307 300

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