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The last two music books of the collection 20 greatest melodies

We are happy to inform you that we just received two last musical books of the collection 20 greatest melodies from brother Avsenik for piano and accordion.

The publishing house Avsenik presents:

20 greatest hit Nr.18

Old designed musical book, that tells us  thematically through the musical titels and through the selection of the melodies how it used to be 70 years ago. This mucial note describes us with the texts    also the love sory of the white miller and a happy Alpine farmer, that met each other in a small village and decided, to go to a date to the  restaurant Jožovc, here in Begunje. They were joyfully dancing with the clarinets, shouting out in the woods.They got married and bought a dog, named Floki. Than he had to say goodybe..

More about the musical part of the book:

20 greatest hits Nr. 19

This is the last musical book from the serie 20 greates hits of brothers Avsenik for piano and accordion, what makes it really special for all the fans around the world. The musical notes for accordion, written by Vilko Ovsenik, probably won't be anymore. What makes this number 19 special is also, that we included a popular song from the year 1966 Zvezde padajo v noč, which is also his author song. Most of the people don't know that the brothers Avsenik wrote also a few of the popular songs in the sixties, seventies.. This times are already far away... This musical book recalls them.

More about this masterpiece: