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Tuesday - Saturday 11 a.m. till 10 p.m.

Sunday 11 a.m. till 8 p.m.

Monday closed



+386 (0) 4 / 53 33 402
Inn and Restaurant Avsenik „ pri Jožovcu“
Begunje 21, 4275 Begunje na Gorenjskem


The beginning of the restaurant Pr’ Jožovcu in Begunje goes way back to 1865, when Janez und Katarina Avsenik bought the house from  woodworker Jožovc and turned it into a inn and named it after the woodworker Pr’ Jožovc.

Janez was a carriage driver and took many tourists to the nearest surroundings, also to Begunje. They were from all over the world, among them very many English people who enjoyed the fresh air, the beautiful scenery and nature in Begunje.

Local people were surprised when  Katarina planted chestnut trees instead of fruit trees in the garden terrace. Over the years they saw that the chestnut trees give a much better shadow and are also an indispensable part of the garden, especially in the spring when the trees blossom.

The chestnut trees, the name and also the appearance of the restaurant remained in the family from generation to generation all over the years. The original recipes from  grandmother Jožovc, which were also carefully treasured from  mother Mara, who was also an excellent cook, remained the same. The happy atmosphere, which was typical of the inn has been kept  till today and that is why  guests like to come back again and again.

Ivan Avsenik was a great music enthusiast and he encouraged the children to play instruments since very early ages. Since the first performance of all four children Slavko, Vilko, Majda and Janez in the garden under the chestnuts trees, music has been an important part of the restaurant.

In 1988 Slavko and Brigita renovated the inn and handed it  to their son Gregor Avsenik and his wife Katarina who continue the tradition.